Over the years, I have put a huge amount of energy and effort into my course work. For the most part the course work that I will be posting on this page will be related to computer science, however that does not mean that you will not see the occasional math thing, etc. I hope someone gets a kick out of this material. Enjoy!

It is not my responsibility for you to be responsible in viewing my work. If you decide to steal, copy, or otherwise misuse my work, it is not with my permission. I hereby grant permission to access this information with the sole condition that it is used in good faith by the viewer. That means do not submit my work as yours, its not yours, its mine.


The entire archive is here. Down below in the list I will put the courses in year order and put direct links to the specific areas.
(Don’t blame current me if past me didn’t do something right)

I will not post any current academic work as that would lead to questions about my academic integrity. All of this is posted to be resources for success and I do not condone plagiarism.